Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between ONE and PRO?

ONE is typically used by home computer users, small businesses, and laptop users. There is no limit to the amount that can be stored, and there is no limit to how long the files will be stored (archiving.)

PRO is used to back up servers for small and large businesses, including large enterprise servers and applications. Initial seeded backups can be shipped to the data center.

Is there a discount available?

Based on the number of computers being backed up, we can offer a discount in certain circumstances. We're always happy to review your account and make sure you're getting the best possible price.

How is the backed up data stored?

Among the most valuable aspects of the Powered By Nine™ solutions is the Redundant Array of Independent Nodes (R.A.I.N.) on which the system is based. R.A.I.N.-based data protection. This technology features no fewer than two levels of redundancy, virtually guaranteeing a successful restore should one be necessary.

Who is Nine Technology?

Nine Technology is the brainchild of Tom Gelson and Alex Stoev, both pioneers in the field of data backup and recovery. Tom and Alex come to Nine Technology from Vault USA, where they provided high-level business continuity and disaster recovery services to a wide range of individuals, resellers, organizations, OEMs and data centers.

Tom and Alex each have extensive backgrounds in the data backup and recovery sphere and bring their years of experience and innovation to Nine Technology.

Is Nine Technology faster than the competition?

Nine Technology’s Powered By Nine™ process works like this: files are broken down to the block level. Each block on the system is checked against one another. All the unique blocks are then checked against the back-end infrastructure’s blocks. Only the blocks that are unique across the entire back-end (that is, against every client and end-user backing up with that provider) are sent across the wire for protection.

When it comes time to restore, the procedure reverses. The client program specifies what files need to be returned to the end-user, and block signature libraries determine which blocks on the back-end comprise those files. The blocks then return on the wire and are reassembled on the end-user’s computer.

This means that instead of every file being completely resaved, only the changes are saved each time. This takes less time yet retains the integrity of the entire file. Previous versions are retained indefinitely, so if you need a version from six months ago - you can still get it!

How does Alexander IT ONE and PRO compare to other online backup providers?

Please see our Matrix Page, which give a comprehensive comparison between all of the major vendors.

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