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  • Jeffery Pate says:

    Good song…like it.

  • Jennifer Lake says:

    Nice like it

  • Christian Larsen says:

    I downloaded your sampler but was unable to open it, so I have no idea what your music sounds like.

    • The Hitman Blues Band says:

      Hi Christian,
      If you’re using an Iphone or Ipad, they don’t open .zip files (at this stage, I don’t know why!). That’s why we listed the individual files further down in the email. Did you try clicking on those? If it still didn’t work, please email me (hitman@hitmanbluesband.com) and I’ll send you the files individually. I’m also copying this response and emailing to you, in case you don’t see this.

  • Pat Cunningham says:

    Love this song. Am sharing it with friends. Thanks!

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