Privacy Policy - Music Theory For The Easily Bored


Thank you for using our app. We don't charge for it, and we don't know who (if anyone) is going to download it. We have programmed it through Appgeyser, which (unless we make enough to pay them off every month) will put their name on it and possibly include ads. That is beyond our control.

We don't know anything about who has downloaded it or uses it, nor do we want to. The app doesn't ask for any permissions, like access to your camera or photos or contacts or what you had for breakfast last Thursday. If, for any reason, we DO get any information from Google Play about who has downloaded it, we will take that information and virtually shred it through a large virtual shredder. We won't share it, we won't deseminate it - we won't even peek at it ourselves. Most importantly, we won't store it anywhere, for any reason, at any time.